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What is Oximeter Used For This question often comes to mind after hearing the name of Oximeter? We are going to give you all the information related to Oximeter in this article. Recently there has been a huge increase in the number of corona patients in the country. After exposure to COvid 19, the virus directly attacks your lungs due to which the level of oxygen in the body decreases significantly. This is checked through Corona Oximeter Reading to check how low or what percentage of oxygen level is there. If the level of oxygen is low, oxygen is given through artificial oxygen.

What is Pulse Oximeter

Through the Oximeter found in the market, you can check your body’s level of oxygen. In addition, you can also use it as a Pulse Oximeter. Pulse Oximeter uses you to check your heart rate. Through this, you will know how many times your heart is beating in a minute. Through this, you can check how fast the pulse is moving in your body while sitting at home.

According to Pulse Oximeter Reading, it can be checked whether your body is functioning properly or not. You can see how many readings you may be in danger with through Pulse Oximeter Reading Chart. The doctor gives the necessary medicine to the patient only on the basis of the readings seen in the Oximeter. Through this, it can be found out who has oxygen levels in the body.

Oximeter Price Amazon

You can also find your Oximeter price from Amazon India. At present, many saree companies are selling Oximeters in the country, which have different prices. You can buy the Oximeter from Amazon India. You can use the Amazon link below to buy it. The patient can get Oximeter 1000 to 20000 from the Amazon website.

What is Oximeter, Uses, Price, Readings Range, How to Use

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The price of the Oximeter to be purchased may vary by company. You can visit the Direct website through the Amazon link provided to purchase the Oximeter. If you buy a more inexpensive device, its oxygen and pulse readings may also be inaccurate. A lot of companies are selling and making bad Oximeters at this time. We suggest that you read the necessary information about the company before purchasing an Oximeter.

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Pulse Oximeter Price Flipkart

Now you can also check your pulse Oximeter price by going to Flipkart. For this, you are provided with some links below. With Flipkart, you can buy Oximeters ranging from Rs 540 to 22000. We suggest you collect the necessary positive and negative information about it before purchasing any Oximeter so that you do not lose money. A bad Oximeter will not give you correct readings, which increases the risk of the patient’s life.

If you buy the right Oximeter then you can check your health sitting at home through correct readings. Nowadays many companies are selling bad Oximeters due to which you may be provided with wrong health information. If you feel that you have got a corona infection, then you should check your body’s oxygen and pulse through an Oximeter.

How To Check Oximeter Reading

All the information about Oximeter Reading For Coivid 19 is being given to you in the article. You can check your health at home by pulse readings normal range. You can check the oxygen in your body in an Oximeter. If your oxygen reading in an Oximeter is 95 or above, then it is normal. If your oxygen reading is less than 95, you should take artificial oxygen after consulting a doctor.

You can also check the pulse with an Oximeter. According to the redding shown by it, the number of times your heart is beating in 1 minute can be examined. A normal human’s heart beats between 60 to 100 in 1 minute. If your Oximeter pulse reading range is 60 to 100 per minute, it is normal. If your reading is less or more than this then you should seek the advice of a doctor immediately.

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Pulse Rate Normal Range Chart

Through the Pulse Rate Normal Range By Age Chart given below, you can check the heartbeat according to your age. The information being given is based on the information available on the Internet. You can compare the information in the table below based on the readings of the Oximeter used to check your heart rate. Heart rate according to your age is given in the table below.

Age RangePulse Rate Par Minute
New Born Baby100 to 160
0 to 5 Months Old90 to 150
6 to 12 Months Old80 to 140
1 to 3 Years Old80 to 130
3 to 5 Years Old80 to 120
6 to 10 Years Old70 to 110
11 to 14 Years Old60 to 105
15 Years or Older Person60 to 100

Oximeter Reading Pulse Rate

For this, you have to study according to your age in the table given above. You can check Pulse Oximeter Reading For Covid in your body according to the above table given. For this, you will need Pulse Oximeter which you can buy through Amazon or Flipkart link given above. The pulse rate of a healthy adult can be around 60 to 100.

You should read the article on the home page for more information. For any new information about Corona, you can allow the notification of our website. You can write your questions in the comment box given below. All other important information will be given to you on the home page.

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