Shramik Special Train: List, Time Table “Shramik Special Train” State Wise List, Route – 2023

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Shramik Special Train | Shramik Special Train List | Shramik Special Train State Wise List | Shramik Special Train Book Ticket

For those migrant laborers, pilgrims, students of tourists and other persons who are stuck in any other state due to the ongoing lock down in the country and want to reach their state, Indian Railway Department has started Shramik Special train on the occasion of Labor Day. Launched on May These special trains will run at both the points on the request of the respective state government. The first Shramik Special train has been run from Hyderabad to Hatia railway station in Jharkhand on Friday morning. People of the country who want to get complete information about Shramik Special Train, Shramik Special Train List , Time Table, State Wise List, then they can read this article till the end and take advantage of this facility of the Central Government.

Shramik Special Train

Shramik Special Train

Whichever state government will demand to run Shramik Special train from Indian Railways, the railway ministry will take the fare of passengers in that train from the state government itself. The state government will have the freedom whether it wants to take rent from the workers or not. Students of migrant workers, pilgrims, tourists of the country who are stranded in different states can travel in this Shramik Special train to reach their state. The states for which the trains have left by the central government are Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Orissa. It will also be the responsibility of the state government to bring people from different places to the station by a sanitized bus. This Shramik Special Train is started only for the laborers.

Migrant Workers Registration

Shramik Special Train Highlights

scheme nameShramik Special Train
Name of organizationhome Ministry
conducted byMinistry of Railways
Inspirationto relocate migrant workers
No. of Special Train6 trains
beneficiaryMigrant laborers stranded in other states, tourism

Purpose of Shramik Special Train

As you know, the entire country has been locked down due to Corona virus, this lock down was done till 3rd May which has now been extended to 15 days and 17th May. People all over the country have got the laborers of the country stuck in different states due to down, for them the Central Government and the Indian Railway Department have started Shramik Special Train , with the help of this train, the migrant laborers trapped in other states can reach their state. Will be delivered To provide free travel to laborers in Shramik Special Train and to take everyone safely to their state.

Covid-19 National Portal

Shramik Special Train List

Shramik Special Train New Update

A new announcement has been made by the central government under this scheme. Under this announcement, 200 new trains will be run by the Indian Railway Department from June 1. The ministry announced that “In addition to these Shramik Special trains, Indian Railways is going to run 200 additional time table trains daily from 1st June, which will be non-AC second class trains and the booking of these trains will be made available online soon.” If the migrant laborers of the country want to go to their homes, then they can book the train.

New Guidelines given by MHA

  • The Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) said that the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) should be strictly enforced by the Central Ministries and Departments as well as the States and Union Territories.
  • The movement of Shramik trains will be allowed by the Ministry of Railways (MoR) in consultation with the MHA.
  • All states and union territories will have to designate nodal officers and make necessary arrangements for receiving and sending stranded migrant workers to other states.
  • The train schedule including stoppages and destination will be finalized by the MoR based on the requirements of the States/UTs and will be communicated to the States/UTs by the MoR to make suitable arrangements for sending and receiving such stranded workers. |
  • Train schedules, protocols for entry and movement of passengers, services to be provided in coaches and arrangements with states and union territories for booking of tickets will be publicized by the Ministry of Railways.
  • States, Union Territories and Railway Ministries will ensure that all passengers will be compulsorily screened and only passengers will be allowed to board the trains.
  • All passengers will have to observe social distancing on boarding and during the duration of their journey. On arrival at their destination, the passengers will have to follow the health protocols prescribed by the destination states and union territories.

Shramik Special Train List, Route

Due to the lock down, migrant laborers, tourists, students and other people who are stranded in other states want to go to their state, then you can check here Shramik Special Train List with Route and Schedule Updates . These special trains will be run on the request of the concerned State Government for sending and receiving such stranded persons. Six Shramik Special trains based on the guidelines of the Ministry of Home Affairs and as per the demands received by the State Government. plan to run. You can also check List, Schedule, Booking Updates here. Below we have given you the list of 6 trains run by the Railway Department.

  • Lingampalli to Hatia
  • Aluva to Bhubaneshwar
  • Nashik to Lucknow
  • Nashik to Bhopal
  • Jaipur to Patna
  • Kota to Hatia
Shramik Special Train

Shramik Special Trains

Due to the lockdown, other migrant laborers, students and tourists from all over the country are stranded, all of them are facing financial problems with the increase of the lock down. The problem is that’s why the government has started Shramik Special 6 train. 2 trains will run from Kota, Rajasthan to Bihar. The first train that will run from Kota to Barauni will leave the station at 11 am and will reach Barauni on 4th May. The second train will leave from Kota to Gaya on 3rd May at 11 pm and will reach Gaya on 5th May. Another train will run from Bangalore to Danapur at 10 am which will reach Danapur on 4th May.

Shramik Special Train

These 6 special trains run by Railways will be run from point to point on the request of both the State Governments concerned as per the standard protocol for sending and receiving such stranded persons. Railways and State Governments will appoint senior officers as nodal officers for coordination and smooth functioning of these ‘Shramik Specials’. According to the guidelines issued by the Railways, the passengers of these trains will have to be sent by the states at the boarding point and only those found to be spared from the infection of coronavirus will be allowed to travel.

Shramik Special Train List & Schedule Today (May 2, 2020)

  • Nashik to Lucknow – Departure at 09:30 PM
  • Aluva to Bhubaneshwar – Departure at 6 pm
  • Nashik to Bhopal – Departure at 8 pm
  • Jaipur to Patna – Departure at 10 PM
  • Kota to Hatia – Departure at 9 PM
Shramik Special Train

Shramik Special Train New Update

Special trains have been started to take the workers of Bihar, UP and Jharkhand to their homes. On Monday, many special trains were run to take the workers stranded at other places to their homes. One train each has reached Lucknow and Gorakhpur in UP so far and two trains leaving from Ernakulam and Tirur stations in Bihar in Kerala on Monday afternoon. Will reach Danapur station at 3 pm and 3:30 pm. The special train coming from Bengaluru to Hatia will reach at four in the evening. All these workers will be transported from the railway station to their homes by buses and free travel will be provided to the laborers going in these buses. 45 buses of the Transport Corporation were sent to reach the laborers home. At Charbagh railway station, buses were sanitized by the Municipal Corporation and passengers were seated.

Shramik Special Train Schedule

Two special trains reached Gorakhpur carrying 2,127 workers stranded in Maharashtra. The first train from Bhiwandi in Maharashtra, carrying 1,145 workers, reached Gorakhpur railway station late on Sunday night at 1:20 pm. At the same time, the second train arrived at Gorakhpur Junction at 5.30 am carrying 982 passengers. The third train is arriving at Charbagh railway station at around 5 pm on Monday. There is information about the arrival of 1196 people in this train. 50 ordinary buses have been arranged by the district administration to send these laborers. The second train carrying UP workers stranded in Mumbai reached Lucknow on Monday morning. 977 laborers reached Lucknow from Nagpur.

Preparation list of Shramik special train

Many migrant laborers of the country who were stranded in any other state are going back to their homes through Shramik Special trains. So far, a lot of migrant laborers have been transported to their state through these special trains. from state to state). MHA has released latest information regarding special trains for migrant worker. The state governments of Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Odisha and Maharashtra have started making lists of stranded people in other states.

Benefits given to laborers in Shramik Special Train

  • Food and drinking water will be provided to the laborers by the sending states at the origin stations.
  • If the train is going on a long route, then the passengers will also be given food in the middle of the journey and the arrangements for food in the middle of the journey will be done by the railways.
  • On arrival at this destination, the passengers will be received by the state government, who will make all arrangements for their screening, quarantine, if necessary, and onward journey from the railway station.
  • The benefit of this special train will be provided to migrant workers, tourists, students and other people stranded at different places.
  • Every passenger is required to wear a mask while traveling in the train. It is the responsibility of the state government that proper arrangements for food will be made for the passengers who are traveling in the train.

Shramik Special Train Book Ticket

In this special train, migrant laborers, tourists, students and other people will not have to pay any fee for traveling to their state. Under this train, free travel will be provided to these people. Migrant workers, tourists, students and other people stranded at different places due to COVID-19 lockdown can travel in this Shramik Special train to reach their state. Right now the railway department has not updated any information regarding online ticket booking. As soon as we get any information about booking tickets online, we will let you know through this article. After this any laborer can soon book ticket on Shramik Special train with complete details including all special train numbers.

Train List Schedule for 17th May

1. Bangalore – Barauni at 10 am.
2. Kolhapur-Bihar Sharif at 6.25 am
3. Bangalore-Bhagalpur at 9.30 am
4. Bengaluru-Danapur at 7 am
5. Mumbai-Barauni at 00.05 am
6. Chennai-Bihar Sharif at 8.45 am
7. Mangalore-Araria 3.05 pm
8 .Lingampally-Bhagalpur at 6 am
9. Bhusaval-Saharsa at 4.45 pm
10. Bandra-Darbhanga at 1 am
11. Jalalpur-Araria at 11 pm
12. Jalandhar-Bettiah at 7.40 am
13. Amritsar-Muzaffarpur 7.10 pm
14. Jalandhar- Purnia at 6 pm
15. Dankour-Siwan at 7.30 am
16. Chandigarh-Saharsa at 2 pm
17. Dadri-Sasaram at 7.30 am
18. Lingampally-Sitamarhi at 10 am
19. Dankour-Buxar at 5 am
20. Karmasha-Araria Suh 8 pm
21. Nambur-Bettiah at 3 pm
22. Surat-Ara at 5.15 am
23. Dadri-Anugrah Narayan Road at 5 am
24. Ludhiana-Darbhanga at 10 am
25. Panipat-Gaya at 10.40 am
26. Saharanpur-Katihar at 12 noon
27. Gurgaon – Darbhanga at 9.45 am
28. Patiala-Chapra at 11.40 am
29. Surat-Madhubani at 8 am
30. Jamnagar-Danapur 4 pm
31. Rajkot-Chapra at 2 pm
32. Anandvihar -Muzaffarpur 2 pm
33. Anandvihar-Patna 7.30 am
34. Panipat-Barauni at 8.00 am
35. Bharuch-Motihari at 1.55 pm
36. Ghaziabad-Araria at 5.15 pm
37. Jalalpur-Madhubani at 10.30 pm

Shramik Train List for 18th May to Bihar

Jirania-Khagaria at 1 pm
2. Jabalpur-Araria at 11 pm
3. Malur-Darbhanga Suh at 7.30 pm
4. Pune-Katihar at 5 am
5. Ratnagiri – Baroni at 4 pm
6. Tuticorin – Muzaffarpur at 3.30 pm
7. Velupuram- Baroni 4 pm
8. Tirupur-Muzaffarpur at 3.30 pm
9. Bolari-Sarhasa Sub 10 am
10. Alwar-Chapra 7 am
11. Lingampalli-Sitamarhi at 10 am
12. Dadri-Samastipur 4 pm
13. Dadri-Jamui at 8 am
14 . Dadri-Araria at 7 pm
15. Pune-Bettiah at 4 pm
16. Anjar-Gaya at 5 pm
17. Ghatkesar-Darbhanga at 1 pm
18. Virangam Danapur at 4 pm
19. Jalalapur-Supaul at 5.30 pm
20. Karmanasha Araria at 11 am
21. Dadri-Khagaria at 6.30 pm
22. Ludhiana-Gaya at 7.30 am
23. Ludhiana-Katihar at 1.30 pm
24. Chandigarh-Barauni at 1.45 pm
25. Karmanasha-Araria at 8 am
26. Ghaziabad-Purnia at 2.30 am
27. Delhi-Bhagalpur at 2 pm
28. Delhi-Darbhanga at 11 am
29. Panipat-Araria at 7.30 pm
30. Gurgaon-Muzaffarpur 1.30 pm
31. Gurgaon-Madhubani at 12.30 pm
32. Anand Vihar-Muzaffarpur 1 pm
33. Surat-Danapur at 3.15 am
34. Surat -Katihar at 9 am
35. Surat-Siwan at 6 am

New Update Shramik Special Train

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has made online registration facility for migrant laborers stranded in the capital to travel on Shramik Special trains to reach their homes. The Delhi government has also started online registration for the migrant laborers who are stranded in Delhi. They will be able to go to their states by train after registering. The Delhi government has so far sent 35,000 migrants stranded in Delhi to their state through Shramik Special train . Apart from this, 12,000 more people will be sent to different states through 8 different trains today. The Delhi government has so far sent trains to Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

How to register Delhi Pravasi Mazdoor Special Train online?

  • Interested beneficiaries of the state who want to go back to their states, then they should register online in the following way
  • First of all you have to go to this official website . After visiting the official website, the home page will open in front of you.
Shramik Special Train
  • On this home page, you will see the registration offer, you will have to fill all the information asked in this registration like contact number, name, age, address, district etc.
  • After filling all the information click on submit button. In this way you can register.

Shramik Special Train State Wise List

List Of Location

Andhra PradeshHimachal PradeshOdisha
MumbaiJammu and KashmirDelhi
A state in Eastern IndiaKarnatakaRajasthan
ChhattisgarhNashikTamil Nadu
Dadra and Nagar HaveliMadhya PradeshTelangana
Daman and DiuMaharashtraTripura
DelhiManipurUttar Pradesh
GoaMeghalayaWest Bengal
Gujarat  MizoramNagaland

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