SBI Account Transfer {Online and Offline Guide}

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SBI Account Transfer from One Branch to Another Branch Online and Offline how to Guide

Do you want to transfer SBI account from one branch to another branch? SBI Account Transfer can be for various reasons.

But the main reason can be shifted from one place to another.

In such a situation, you think that how can I manage my bank from another place (district or state)? Because we always need the main branch to deposit money, inquire or submit any other necessary documents.

If you are an SBI Account holder, then do not worry, SBI (State Bank of India) offers the facility to SBI Account Transfer to another branch in India.

Today in this post, we will learn how to transfer SBI account from one branch to another.

What are the requirements to transfer SBI account to another branch?

sbi account transfer online and offline guide

SBI savings account: Here is how to transfer your account without visiting bank (Online Process)

Here is a step-by-step guide to transfer your SBI account from one branch to another online

1) Log in to SBI’s official website ‘’.

2) Select ‘personal banking’ with your username and password.

3) Now, click on the ‘e-services’ tab on the top menu bar.

4) After that click on ‘Transfer of savings account’.

5) Now, select the account you wish to transfer. If you have only one bank account under your CIF (Customer Information File), then it will be selected by default.

6) Now, you need to enter the branch code you wish to transfer the account to. Read and accept the terms and condition and click on ‘Submit.

7) Verify all your account transfer details with the existing branch code and the new branch code. And, then click on ‘Confirm’.

8) Once you confirm the details an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.

9) Input the OTP and click on ‘confirm’.

10) Now, a message will be displayed which reads as ‘Your branch transfer request has been successfully registered’.

Apart from Online SBI, one can use YONO SBI, YONO Lite to transfer the accounts. However, you need to know that the online process can only be done if your mobile number is registered with the bank.

Earlier, SBI decided to let its customers update their KYC (Know Your Customer) details from the comfort and safety of their homes. “In view of difficulties faced by customers due to local lockdown induced by the second wave of COVID-19, State Bank of India (SBI) has decided to permit acceptance of documents for KYC update through mail or post. Customers will not be required to visit the branch for the purpose of KYC updation. Please ensure that partial freezing of CIFs due to KYC updation is not done up to May 31, 2021,” SBI had informed its customers.

Download PDF request form

How to transfer SBI Bank account from one branch to another online process in hindi

This Video is about How to transfer your SBI Bank account from one branch to another online process

SBI Account Transfer to Another Branch Step by Step Guide

SBI Bank Account Transfer Application Format You can use it



The Branch Manager
State Bank of India
(Name of the Branch)
(Branch Code)
Date : dd / mm / yy

Sir / Madam,

I /We request you to transfer bank account xxxxxxxxxxxx to another SBI branch. The reason is that the branch is more distant from the house. The problem arises in the transaction process and inquiry due to the greater distance.

I want to transfer my account to the nearest State Bank of India, whose branch code is XXXXX.

Therefore, it is a humble request that my bank related work is not interrupted. So, please transfer my account as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully,
(Applicant’s Name/Names)
Account number-xxxxxxxxxxxxx
CIF number- xxxxxxxxxx
Mobile number:

Your account will be transferred to a new branch within 7 days of submission of application.

To know whether your account has been transferred or not, you can call SBI’s toll-free number 1800112211. Otherwise, you can get this information by going to your new branch.

After successfully transferring to the new branch, you will get a new passbook and chequebook. If you want to use your old passbook or chequebook, then You should give this information when writing an SBI account transfer application.

Now you have successfully transferred your account to a new branch.

Have you ever transferred your State Bank of India account? You can share your experience by commenting below.

Have any thoughts regarding how to transfer SBI account from one branch to another? We’d love to hear what you think about it.

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