PUBG 1.6 Update download, Release date, APK+OBB file

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PUBG 1.6 Update download, Release date, APK+OBB file will be discussed here. A few days ago, the PUBG 1.6 Update release date and time were also announced, as the company introduced a variety of new games modes to make the game more appealing. The PUBG game is now available on the play store and the App Store, which brings users lots of excitement and enjoyment with the game’s exclusive features.  Also, PUBG 1.6 gets a new map to the game. 

PUBG 1.6 Update

If you haven’t seen it yet, hurry over and download the game. If you are interested in pubg latest version download 2021, you will have to reach the official website portal containing the PUBG mobile 10.6 APK and OBB files with 742 MB.  In addition to the highly anticipated PUBG 1.6 Update Download APK, there are an excellent selection of unique features and the royale pass month, which will start on 17th October of the following year.  

The Flora Menace game mode was previously available in a beta version that will be available with the patches for version 1.6.  A new feature in the understanding allows players to boost their health by using the Rejuvenation Barrier. 

PUBG Mobile 1.6 Patch Notes

Further, you’ll also get random weapon outfits, drops, and respawns when you step into the Cell-Matrix.  Furthermore, this will also provide the players with Encore Chips to purchase combat supplies and use them in the future. There are numerous communities on social media platforms where further information regarding these returns can be found.

 A few other attractive maps in PUBG mobile, such as the VIkendi, while the infamous Payload 1.0 is also returning. Moreover, several reworked sold maps have also been added to the game to give players a fresh and unique experience.   PUBG Mobile users can check out the full details regarding the latest update 1.6 of PUBG mobile here.  

PUBG 1.6 Release date

The new updates will enhance the gaming experience for the player. Several old game modes have been relaunched in PUBG. PUBG 1.6 is confirmed to include the old game mode through a social media post by the company. Vikendi’s map was removed when version 1.3 of PUBG Mobile was updated. The upcoming updates will provide players with a fantastic experience.

PUBG 1.6 update

Players experienced some glitches during 1.5 Ignition’s last update. Many optimizations were made to PUBG Mobile during the beta testing phase. Developers plan to add Survive Til Down, Infection Mode, and Metro Royale: Reunion this time around. All players eagerly await the 1.6 updates. We encourage players to stay updated on our website at for more information.

 In order to bring a flawless experience to smartphones, you should fully utilize the capabilities of Unreal Engine 4 in order to create an animated, HD graphic augmented world with high-quality sound.   With its top-notch monthly updates, new content, and world-class collaborations, PUBG mobile always provides something unique and great.   

Game NameBattlegrounds Mobile India (PUBG)
SubjectPUBG 1.6 Update
1.6 Update Release DateTo Be Announced

Beta version of PUBG Mobile 1.6 Update 2021

While there is no confirmation yet as to when PUBG will receive the update of 1.6, it should arrive shortly. Krafton, the developer of Battlegrounds Mobile India, has released update 1.6 with ten new features and enhancements. Krafton also added a new option to improve the scope adjustment map.

Furthermore, Battlegrounds Mobile India players will be able to capture “highlight moments” through their mobile devices. Krafton also improved the game in terms of the durability of the UAZ and bus. Krafton is going to offer special permanent rewards to its rewards in the future. After the government of India removed Battlegrounds Mobile India from the market earlier this year, it has now amassed over 50 million downloads since its re-launch this year. Keep checking this page for regular updates about the PUBG 1.6 update and find out its new features.

PUBG 1.6 Update Download APK LinkClick Here
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Download Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.6 APK, OBB File, and Update

As part of the 1.6 updates of PUBG, players will get a variety of advanced options such as Show Route Option, Flora Menace mode, and so on. This option will allow the player to see the route of the plane throughout the game. The training ground includes unlimited ammo, fast scope adjustments, and essential setting updates. It will be helpful for the players to have all these features. A few days after the PUBG 1.6 update is released, PUBG Mobile developers plan to release the Royal Pass. 

Cell-Matrix has been released, and things are about to get more exciting than ever. New Flora Menance mode will be added to Battlegrounds Mobile India with a 1.6 update from PUBGM. As soon as Version 1.6 is released, players will learn what it takes to survive. The most recent updates will be provided as and when they become available. 

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