New Traffic Rules In Hindi: Road Safety Rules, Motor Vehicle Act 2023

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new traffic rules pdf list India New Traffic Rules In Hindi. New Motor Vehicle Act 2020. Information about new traffic rules in Hindi

New Traffic Rules have been implemented in the whole country on 1st September 2019. New traffic rules and fines / challans have been increased by the central government. In comparison the fine (For breaking traffic rules, drivers will have to pay a penalty several times earlier.) will have to be paid several times. To stop the increasing accidents on the road, new traffic rules have been implemented by the government. Now people have to follow the new traffic rules while driving.

Motor Vehicle Act 2020

The traffic rules in India are as per the New Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019. Under this new Motor Vehicle Act 2020 , a fine of up to 500 crores will be imposed on the companies making less than standard engine vehicles like the first 100 rupees fine for breaking the traffic rules under the general (section-177) and (new section-177). Had to pay but now Rs 100 has been increased to Rs 500 (Earlier, a fine of Rs 100 had to be paid but now Rs 100 was increased to Rs 500). Today we are going to provide you all the information about New Traffic Rules through this article .

New Traffic Rules

E Challan Status

road safety rules 2020

  • Under the new law, people violating the driving license rules will be fined Rs 1 lakh. Speeding on the road will attract a fine of Rs 1,000 to 2,000.
  • According to the road safety rules , if a minor is caught driving a vehicle, he will have to pay a fine of Rs 25,000 and his vehicle’s registration will be canceled and the driving license of the minor will not be issued till the age of 25.
  • Under the new traffic rules , those who talk on mobile while driving, those who jump in traffic, those who drive in the wrong direction, those who drive dangerously and those who make unnecessary traffic jams will have to pay heavy fines.

Amendment in Motor Vehicle Act

The 1989 Motor Vehicles Act has been amended. Which will be implemented from 1 October 2020. Many major changes were made in these amendments. As such you no longer need to carry physical documents everywhere. You can keep all your documents and a soft copy of your driving license with you. This decision has been initiated to promote digitization. Many more amendments have been made in the Motor Vehicles Act, out of which some of the main amendments are as follows.

physical verification of documents

Under the new traffic rules, there will be no physical verification of documents and if the traffic officer wants to cancel the driving license, he can cancel the driving license through the web portal.

 Driver and traffic officer information

The behavior of the driver will also be observed under the new Motor Vehicle Act and the identity of the police officer will also be updated in the portal.

 vehicle inspection

Whenever a driver or vehicle is inspected, its record will also be updated on the portal. After the cancellation of the driving license, the offender will have to report on the digital portal.

 e challan under new motor vehicle act

All those people who violate the traffic rules will have to pay a fine under the Motor Vehicle Act 1989. Through the official portal , e-challans will be issued for those who break all the traffic rules.

 DigiLocker and MTransport

Driving license and other documents like registration certificate will be stored through digi locker or mtransport.

 handheld communication device

The driver may use any handheld communication device for route navigation. But for this it is necessary to ensure that the driver’s attention is on the driving.

Soft copy of driving documents

Under the new traffic rules, the driver will have to store all his documents on the mobile. With this, they will not have to carry any documents physically with them. If the traffic police asks for a driving license or any other document, then the driver can show the soft copy.

Main Feature New Traffic Rules

article namenew traffic rules in hindi
who launchedIndian government
beneficiaryCitizens of India
ObjectiveProviding information related to new traffic rules.

Purpose of new traffic law 2020

As you know, there are many such people in the country who do not follow the road traffic rules and violate the traffic rules, that is why there are many road accidents in India . Traffic Rules 2020 has been implemented. Under this traffic rules, now whoever breaks the traffic rules, they will have to pay double the fine. Through the new traffic rules, now everyone in the country will follow the road rules. Now, along with paying fine, a provision of punishment has also been kept. Through this new traffic laws , accidents due to vehicles on the road will also be reduced.

driving license online application

New Traffic Rules List 2020

Crimefirst challan or finenow challan or fine
General (177)100 rupees500 rupees
Violation of Red Regulation Rule (177A)100 rupees500 rupees
Disobedience to order of authority (179)500 rupeesRs
Driving an unauthorized vehicle without a license (180)Rs5000 rupees
Driving despite disqualification (182)500 rupees10000 rupees
Driving without a license (181)Rs 5005000 rupees
Over Size Vehicle (182B) 5000 rupees
over speeding (183)    400 rupees1000 rupees
Dangerous driving(184)1000 rupees5000 rupees
drunken driving (185)Rs10000 rupees
Racing & Speeding (189)500 rupees5000 rupees
Overloading (194)Rs.2000 and Rs.10,000 extra per tonne20 thousand rupees and 2 thousand rupees per ton
Seat Belts (194B)100 rupees1000 rupees
Driving without a permit (192A)up to 5 thousand rupeesup to 10 thousand rupees
Violation of License Condition (193)Just nothing25 thousand to 1 lakh rupees
Overloading of Passenger (194A)Just nothing1000 rupees per passenger
overloading on two wheeler100 rupees2 thousand rupees and license canceled for three months
not wearing a helmet100 rupees1000 and license canceled for three months
Failure to give way to an emergency vehicle (194E)Just nothing     10000 rupees
Driving without insurance (196)1000 rupees2000 rupees
Power of officers to attach documents (206) Just nothingDriving license under 183,184,185,189,190,194c,194D 194E will be canceled
Offenses Committed by Enforcement of Officers (210B)Just nothingTwice fine under relevant section
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