Covid Self Test Kit Instruction, How to Use, Price, Buy Online

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Covid Self Test Kit Instruction, How to Use, Price, Buy Online details are given on this page. You can get Coviself Kit uses from this page. We know that you all would like to get information about Covid Self Test Kit, but all the clear information about it is given in our article and please read our article carefully. In your article, we will tell you how to do this kit, what is the price of the Covid Self Kit, and how can you buy it online. Stay connected with us for more information.

Covid Self Test Kit

This kit is also known as Rapid Antigen Test and this kit has been approved by the Indian Council of Medical Research. With Covid Self Kit, you can also test your covid sitting at home, so we request you to get your covid tested as soon as possible. To avoid this disease, you should get your test done as soon as possible, if you are suffering from this disease then you will have to get treatment for it as soon as possible.

These are a way of doing the test kit according to which you can do it. We will give you complete information about how you can do it. Hope you do this test kit as soon as possible and get your test done. Covid Self Kit will be provided to everyone by the end of Next Week so that you do not even have to go out of the house to get the test done.

Covid Self Test Kit Instructions

You will have to use this kit very carefully while doing it. There is a strong request from the children not to use it on their own and must take help of some elder. With this kit, you will also be told how you can do it. This kit is very easy to do. You can do this test by nasal swab. Earlier this test used to be under the doctor’s prescription, but now you can use it yourself at your home as well.

coviself covid self test kit instruction how to use price buy online

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  • Sputnik Vaccine
  • Covishield vaccine
  • Covaxin Vaccine
  • DRDO Anti Covid Drug

Covid Self Kit will be made available in your private stores soon, so far no clear information has been received about which day it will be launched in the market. We know that all of you must be waiting for the launch of this key. Stay connected with us for more information and if you want, you can check it by visiting the official website of covid-19 or you can also check on the MyLab app, you can download this app from Play Store and There you will get clear information about it.Advertisement

Covid Self Kit Price

We will provide you all the information about the price of this test kit, you will have to pay Rs.250 / – for a test kit. Also, because of today’s epidemic, we do not feel that there is so much money, all of you can easily buy this kit and do it. It will be available to you soon, buy this kit as soon as possible and get your test done. It will take you about 15 minutes to test with this kit. Only then will you know whether you are positive or negative for covid-19.

Covid Self Test Kit Buy Online

You can buy this kit online. You can order for this at your private pharmacy or medical store, but it will take a long time to reach you, so you can also order for this from the MyLab app and you will be told on that app, that How to do it. This is the first test kit that has been launched by India and will reach you so soon, through this kit all the people above the age of adult can do their covid test.

How to use Covid Self Test Kit?

  1. To do the Covid Self Test Kit, first of all, you need to open the MyLab app on your phone.
  2. After that, you have to open your covid test kit.
  3. In the kit, you will get a pre-filled extraction tube, a sterile nasal swab, one test card, and a biohazard bag.
  4. Then you have to take the extraction tube and roll it several times in your nose, you have to roll in both nostrils.
  5. After that, you have to check Tube in a test card.
  6. At the time of the test, you will take a total of 2 minutes, but the result will take time to arrive.
  7. If your result takes 5-7 minutes then you are covid positive and if your result takes 15 minutes then you are covid negative.
  8. There will be two sections in the test card: the control section and the other is the test section.
  9. If your bar shows towards the control section, it means that you are negative.
  10. But if your bar looks towards both the control and test section, you are covid positive.
  11. After completing the test, you will have to click on the photo of your test card and make it available on MyLab or coviself app.

We request all of you to get your test done with Covid Self Kit as soon as possible and get your treatment done as soon as possible if you are covid positive. When meeting anyone, make a distance of two yards do not touch anything without washing your hands and when going out, make it a sanitizer and a mask.

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